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Buildings have to make sense in a variety of ways: structurally, functionally, mechanically, environmentally…

The disciplines that contribute to success in these areas are critical and often under-appreciated, but it’s in the esthetic sense that buildings most directly move and inspire us.

The sweep of a roofline or the floating grace of a glass wall. A boldness of line or an innovative use of materials.

Exceptional architectural design bridges all these areas of functionality. It seamlessly blends the utilitarian with the poetic, the required with the desired.

At Glos Associates, our architectural design team works closely with our clients, engaging them in the process from the earliest moment and actively seeking their input as the project evolves. Our goal is not to design buildings that reflect our own creative spirit; it is to express the essence of the clients’ aspirations.


We’ve been designing strong, sustainable buildings this way, and sustain strong client relationships, since 1966. That is the ongoing Glos story.

St. Clair Center For The Arts

With a limited budget and an extremely tight timeline of only 5 months, the Glos team embraced a construction management model that would allow multiple phases of the design, demolition and construction to progress simultaneously.


The Windsor International Transit Terminal

The Windsor International Transit Terminal was designed to streamline and embrace the complex ebb and flow of multiple connecting and trans-national transit services.

Prioritizing openness and natural light, the Windsor International Transit Terminal building took on a vaulted ceiling, ample glazing, and exposed structural elements…