Jerry Glos

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Jerry Glos, Glos Associate’s Vice-President, Senior Architect and Co-founder over the weekend. Jerry celebrated his 90th birthday this past September and still possessed the passion and commitment to continue in his role here at Glos. He took great pleasure in offering words of encouragement [...]

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Did You Know

In 1983 Glos Associates was approached by the US firm of PepsiCo located in Orlando Florida, to assist in developing the first Red Lobster Restaurant in Canada. We “Canadianized” their prototype design and provided the Engineering for the site work and other disciplines. This first Red Lobster Restaurant is still successfully operating today on Tecumseh Road [...]

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Tools of the Past

An erasing shield is a small metal plate which contains several small perforated holes of varying size and shape.  Its purpose is to allow the user to erase small specific areas of a drawing while shielding adjacent areas from being smudged or erased. Although this practical tool is still used today, it has all [...]

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25 Years Ago

Development of a Training Centre on Fighting Island for BASF, a large multi-national Chemical firm. Fighting Island is a small Island in the Detroit River opposite the Town of LaSalle. A log structure theme was established by BASF for this development. Buildings were designed to include living areas for trainees, and a central building to [...]

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Leamington High School

Within the next few years students in the Leamington area will be attending a new state of the art High School. Glos Associates Inc. Architectural and Engineering Consultants are presently in the process of designing the new complex to be located on Oak Street.

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Wyandotte Town Centre Streetscape Competition

Wyandotte Town Centre Streetscape Competition - Our approach is to design an environment that promotes the business district by providing a pleasant and safe neighbourhood experience for pedestrians and cyclists in addition to the convenience of arriving by car. The improved neighbourhood will instill pride, celebrate diversity and enhance accessibility. It was a great competition [...]

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Jean Friday

Every Friday Glos employees donate $2 to wear jeans. This money is then used for a local charity organization. Our latest donation went to Habitat for Humanity and their “Buy a Stud” campaign. Here is Jennifer from our office at the Stud party!

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