Dear valued clients and partners,

In recent months, COVID-19 (coronavirus) has confronted us with unprecedented challenges and affected every aspect of our lives. We are deeply concerned about its effect on our families, communities, and the world.  Glos Arch + Eng (Glos) is considered an essential business and we will remain in operation during this time. Our primary focus remains the health and safety of our staff and ensuring the continuity of our projects and ongoing work operations.

We are actively monitoring COVID-19 in partnership with our team, at the same time tracking the latest news from the World Health Organization, Health Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Health, and implementing their recommended measures.  As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, Glos is now taking necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of our staff and our clients/partners, while supporting them as best as we can. Glos has implemented the following:

  • Glos has established and implemented a program for our staff to work remotely from their homes when necessary, with their primary contact being email
  • Glos will no longer be holding any ‘in person’ meetings. However, project site visits will continue using approved social distancing protocols at this time.  We will follow the Canadian Health Organization’s recommendations as to the best time to resume normal operations.
  • Glos recommends that you please email the person you would like to contact directly or if you do not know who to speak to, please email or call 519-944-9600×100 and your message will be directed to the appropriate person.  Our phone extensions, cell phones and voice messages continue to function and are being received by the appropriate staff.
  • Glos is keeping all employees informed of best practices to promote their continued health
  • Glos is encouraging employees to self-report if they become sick and requiring quarantine; implementing advanced remote work policies and flexible work options to accommodate the needs of employees and their families
  • Glos is encouraging the following of provincial and federal guidelines for banned travel, restricting non-essential travel, and recommending virtual meetings.

While we cope with this pandemic, we are unable to control some timelines and deliverables. However, we will do our best to stay in contact with updates of the ongoing processes.

Our new office located at: 325 Devonshire Rd. Suite 410, Windsor is now open for business and has resumed all operations. 

We recognize this is a very challenging time for us all, and we remain deeply committed to you our clients to provide the best possible service as our working world evolves around us. We will continue to closely monitor this fluid situation and provide updates as they become available.  Thank you for playing an important role in keeping yourself, our staff and our communities healthy during this time.

Vice President/Office Manager
Paul Driedger

Tim Glos

Valerie Dawn

Director of Business Development
Aaron Ashley

Project Engineer
Frank Difazio

Project Manager
Shane Mitchell

Project Manager
Kyle Revait

Project Manager
Jennifer Durocher

Project Manager
Bridget Ali

Nicoleta Castillo