Project Description

The Family Learning Place at the Windsor Regional Hospital (Tayfour Campus) consists of two buildings. The first building is a residential treatment facility comprised of 8,900 sq.ft. The second is a 10,200 sq.ft Gym & Pool Facility. The 1,000 sq.ft. saltwater pool is accessible and includes a diamond bright pool plaster for the interior of the pool.

The Family Learning Place (FLP) is an intensive treatment facility for children with significant emotional and behavioral needs that cannot be met through other forms of treatment. Children in Windsor and Essex County, ages 6 to 13 are clients who require the temporary removal from community school or home. The FLP is the only intensive residential program available in the Windsor-Essex, Chatham-Kent region for this age group. Services associated with the FLP include prevention, crisis response, early intervention, assessment, consultation, education, treatment, support and respite.